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Lamborghini Names Stefano Domenicali As New CEO

As of March 15, 2016, Stephan Winkelmann (51) will be the new CEO of quattro GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of AUDI AG, which produces and distributes the high performance R and RS models. He will be replaced by Stefano Domenicali as the companies new CEO, as revealed by the Italian car maker earlier today. This comes as a hefty surprise, as Domenicali was heading Formula 1 teams not so long ago – namely Ferrari – Lambo’s biggest competitor in the supercar business overall.

Domenicali, who has been vice president of new business initiatives at Audi since November 2014, will head the company as its new president and chief executive officer. Stefano Domenicali (born May 11, 1965) is an Italian manager, formerly the team principal of the Ferrari Formula One team.

He was born to a prominent banker in Imola. He studied business administration at Bologna University, graduating in 1991. In some ways, Domenicali always believed that he was destined to a career in motorsport due to his birthplace. Even as a child, he went to the race track at weekends to help out in the paddock and in the media centre. He was named one of “The Men of the Year 2012” by Top Gear magazine for keeping Ferrari at sharp end of F1, against the odds.

Which way will the company be headed after the CEO’s are switched, still remains to be seen.

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Ferrari At The 2013 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Ferrari is proud to announce the Goodwood debut of the F12berlinetta at this year’s Festival of Speed. In addition, a selection of vehicles representing the various levels of personalisation available from Ferrari will be demonstrated including a bespoke FF, a “Tailor-Made” 458 Spider and Eric Clapton’s SP12 EC, produced by Ferrari’s “Special Projects” division.

The F12berlinetta is the newest generation in Ferrari’s great lineage of 12-cylinder sports cars. Aerodynamic efficiency was a top priority in the styling and development of the F12berlinetta, which features increased downforce and reduced drag figures. The Aero Bridge and Active Brake Cooling system are two new innovative aerodynamic solutions Ferrari have incorporated into the vehicle’s design, while still managing to maintain the elegant proportions typical of Ferrari’s front-engined V12 cars.

Its 6,266cc direct-injected V12 produces a maximum output of 740hp and recently won the title of ‘Best Performance Engine’ in the International Engine of the Year Awards. While the F12berlinetta the most powerful road-going Ferrari ever produced, it delivers fuel consumption and emissions levels that are 30 per cent lower than that of the previous generation. Mated to Ferrari’s 7-speed dual-clutch F1 transmission, 0-62.5mph is reached in just 3.1 seconds and a top speed of over 211mph is possible.

Ferrari’s V12 four-seater GT, the FF, will also appear at Goodwood this year showcasing a new option: a panoramic glass roof. This is made from low emissions glass and thus holds cabin temperature steady both in summer and winter, for optimal climate control. The glass is tinted for privacy but still gives the occupants the feeling that they are travelling with the top down. The FF features a Grigio FF exterior, which is complemented by a navy blue semi-aniline leather interior.

The 458 Spider demonstrates the wide variety of options that are available through Ferrari’s Tailor-Made programme. This particular 458 Spider is finished in Ice White Pearl and is accented by Grigio Silverstone racing stripes running down the centre of the bonnet, roof, tonneau cover and engine cover. The interior is upholstered in a combination of black and grey leather; the latter covering surfaces on the door panels, rear luggage bench, centre tunnel and the extremities of the racing seats. Grey alcantara is used for the central part of the seats while a silver cordura stripe adds a highlight to the profile. Unifying the theme between the interior and exterior is pin stripe detailing on the inner carbon-fibre trims in Ice White Pearl.

Representing the ultimate level of exclusivity available through Ferrari’s One-Off Programme will be Eric Clapton’s SP12 EC. Designed by Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration with Pininfarina and the engineers from Maranello, the SP12 EC’s styling is influenced heavily by the 512 BB. Clapton’s decision to homage to the Berlinetta Boxer can be traced back to his intimate relationship with the V12 flat-engined Ferrari, of which he has owned three examples. The musician claims the process of designing his dream Ferrari was ‘one of the most satisfying things [he’s] ever done.’

Ferrari will also be represented by the Scuderia Ferrari team who will be demonstrating their 2010 Formula 1 car throughout the weekend, driven by Scuderia Ferrari driver, Marc Gene. The F10 chassis, no.285, was piloted by Fernando Alonso to four victories in 2010, including an Italian Grand Prix victory at Monza.

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Springtime Has Finally Arrived In Maranello! Ferrari Claims Two Wins And Two Podium Places!

Where some may argue this year winter dragged its feet and was a real factor right up until last month, Spring has finally arrived in both terms for Ferrari and their Maranello home base! With the recent events shaping up to be Ferrari’s best Spring in the last few years, they are certainly enjoying that bright sun over their Maranello grounds, above all this is shaping up to be the best of the last five years from a racing point of view.

The last time the Scuderia got two wins and two podium places in the first five races dates back to 2008: in fact back then there were actually four, two each for Raikkonen (Malaysia and Spain) and Massa (Bahrain and Turkey.) The 117 points scored so far this year is the highest total of the last five years, but more encouraging for the Ferraristi, from President Montezemolo to all the fans, is how competitive the car has proved to be since the first race, because even in Malaysia and Bahrain, where results did not match expectations, the potential was there to fight for the top places.

But no one at the Scuderia is taking anything for granted, as Team Principal Stefano Domenicali stressed when talking to Ferrari.com. “There’s no time now for celebrating, even if it was right to enjoy the lovely moments yesterday which give us all a boost, but if we want to fight for the goals we set ourselves at the start of the year, we must continue to keep our nose to the grindstone.”

“It is part of the Latin character to be easily affected by success and failure in a positive or negative way, but we need to keep calm and concentrate,” he continued. “The most important thing to come out of the Barcelona weekend is that the team worked cohesively, was motivated and confident in its own potential: the key to understanding how yesterday’s result came about is actually in the conviction everyone showed in their own abilities right from the start. I was very pleased to see that our strategy simulation was confirmed completely on track and that is something that adds substance to our future choices.”

Domenicali has been around too long to believe that one swallow makes a summer, or a spring for that matter and two wins don’t make a world championship. Everything can change very quickly in Formula 1 and so one cannot relax for a second. “From here until the end of June, we will tackle three very different circuits, where the hierarchy in pit lane could change according to what updates everyone brings to the track,” he said.

“We have to make the right choices, without suffering what one could call performance anxiety, which can lead to overdoing things, thus moving away from the right path. We will have to find the right compromise between trying out new components and managing the tyres which, as we have seen, is critical. Finally, we will need to push very hard on the development front, bearing in mind that, over the coming months, various teams could decide to concentrate solely on the 2014 project and this year, as never before, that will be a very important factor.”

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Alonso And Massa: Factory Days In The Run Up To Shanghai

With a few days to go before they head off for Shanghai and the third round of the Formula 1 World Championship, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were in Maranello for a busy programme of sports, technical and promotional activity. Fernando was there for two days and Felipe for one and the main purpose of their visit was to catch up with their own group of engineers. They also rounded off their preparation for China with a stint in the simulator. The two drivers also had a meeting with Team Principal Stefano Domenicali, for a final overview of the race in Shanghai, before they fly off there this weekend.

Alonso then turned his attention to another activity, working on fine tuning the new LaFerrari road car, a project the Spaniard is particularly keen on. Over the past few months he has worked on the driving position, the location of the controls and on the car’s handling on track, which he was able to experience yesterday, when the sun came out at Fiorano. Today, before doing some physical tests, he also went round the factory, visting various departments within the Gestione Industriale, including the Foundry, where heads, cylinders and blocks are produced, as well as the Paint Shop where the bodies are painted prior to going onto the assembly line.

The Spaniard got a warm welcome and a round of applause, typical of the historic links that have always bound those who work on the road cars with their colleagues in the Scuderia. “I am always happy to spend a few days in Maranello,” commented Fernando.

“Apart from working on the car and being in close contact with the team, sometimes I’m able to see some of the production departments which are the heart of the company. This time I met up with people who are never in the limelight, but they have an incredible love for their work. I think that everyone, at least once in their life, should be able to experience a visit to these places and meet these people. It was nice to shake their hands and see the passion in their eyes. It gives me even more motivation and makes me even prouder to be part of the Ferrari family.”

Alonso And Massa Factory Days In The Run Up To Shanghai


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