Jon Olsson Gets A Brand New Lamborghini Huracan

Jon Olsson Gets A Brand New Lamborghini Huracan

/ March 9, 2016 / 6937 Views

You know Jon Olsson, the well-known extreme skier and one car nut. – if there ever was one. We’ve admired Jon’s previous projects, enjoyed his solutions and the exerted attention to detail seen in every one of his projects. These, more often than not, yielded extravagant showcases of positive lunacy, design and amazing performance. Just a few weeks ago, Jon purchased a Lamborghini Huracan which he envisions to be a bit more extreme. This includes a complete outer and interior makeover, giving the vehicle a perfectly custom look.

“Even for me ripping of the panels of a brand new Lambo with 478km on the clock is not normal! But I Am very bad at settling for something standard so there was no way around it! It needed to be done!” said Olsson on his blog post.


The build starts now. It will definitely be something we are looking forward to in the forthcoming months. His crew ripped the car apart to get it scanned, allowing Jon to work his design DNA to the fullest. The whole process will be taking no less than four months. Olsson in the meantime says he will put the factory body panels back on and will take the car for the necessary performance upgrades.

“Personally I think this will be the best build to date”, Olsson added. “I think we will be able to go completely crasy but still keep the amazing drivability of the standard car, that’s my goal with this one I really want to be able to drive a mad machine every single day!” The current state of the vehicle and the build itself can be seen in the media gallery down below.

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