Red Ferrari California By Dejan Sokolovski Photography

Remember the Ferrari 458 Italia Gotham City Wallpaper we published last year in October? There is a sequel to the dark and foggy atmosphere of old town in Stockholm. And it is a Ferrari once again! Shot by Dejan Sokolovski Photography.

I am sorry to say we don’t have 1920px sized wallpapers right here since someone was too cheap to get them in that large size resolution. But we do have this nice photoshoot in 1680px sized images, which will have to suffice right now.

Object of this shoot by Dejan is a red Ferrari California. A car that didn’t get the attention it deserved through much of it lifespan. Only in the latter years it begun to get the affection I am sure it needed to get from the get go. But in the end line, what can someone say or have against a red colored Ferrari?

Dejan Sokolovski has his own shooting and post processing style. Much to our admiration and our reader’s affection, he makes quality work that is up there with the best in the automotive photography industry.

One of the wackiest characters out there, which only proves the old stereotype about the artistic souls being somewhat out of the ordinary in most cases. But besides that, this photoshoot is freaking awesome!


Red Ferrari California By Dejan Sokolovski Photography