Do Not Renew Your 5 Series/XF Lease Just Yet, Wait For The Ghibli

Do Not Renew Your 5 Series/XF Lease Just Yet, Wait For The Ghibli

/ May 7, 2013 / 3956 Views

fter months, even years of speculation, the Ghibli is finally here and it is hard not to get excited about it.

For the first time in decades, Maserati has a worthy contender in one of the most competitive and profitable sectors around, the executive saloon market. Traditionally, the BMW 5 Series was the perennial benchmark, only to be challenged by the svelte Jaguar XF. Merc may have lost its steam, while the A6 is far too compromised to challenge both.

And this is where the Ghibli should excel.

The 5 Series, of course, is a fantastic car. It looks good, handles reasonably well and has some great engines. It is truly a fool-proof car. But it lacks something very important.

I’m going to give you a clue: There was a small company in Cupertino, California, known for their very loyal fanbase but utterly forgettable market share. That company placed high values on design, image, ease of use and the emotional appeal. Plus, it was really cool. You could make a statement just by having one of their products, showing that you appreciate finer things in life.

Above all, their products were much more expensive than their competitors, although they were not as technologically capable.

It really does sound like Maserati.

Which is why I don’t have any doubts that the Ghibli will be a huge hit. It has the style, the prestige and the sheer glamour of owning one, as if you are a member of some special club.

Bringing a diesel engine will only enhance that appeal, but it is important that VM does tune it up a bit – a little more power wouldn’t hurt and sub 7-second 0-60 time is a must.

I truly cannot wait to see the first comparisons to see it on the road. And let us cross our fingers for a smaller coupe.

Maserati Ghibli Wallpaper

Maserati Ghibli Wallpaper

Photo Source: Maserati