Video: F1 Racing Driver Giancarlo Fisichella Is Very Impressed With The New 4C

Here at Italian Car Scene, we cannot get enough of the thrilling new Alfa Romeo 4C. The mid-engined baby supercar has won critical praise throughout the world, but what about real drivers?

And since all Alfas carry that Formula 1 DNA in them, who can better testify how exciting the new car is than an F1 driver. That’s why Alfa has published an interesting video on their YouTube channel. Alfa has hired Giancarlo Fisichella to give the 4C a try around the legendary Balocco test track.

Ferrari’s test driver could not hide a large smile on his face while he was testing the 4C:

For those of you who do not speak Italian, Fisichella was really impressed with the car: “The driving position is great, the front end is very precise, just like the steering,”

Obviously, the mid-engined configuration really helps the car in corners: “Even in fast corners it feels very stable and precise, the rear end is planted”, says Fisichella, adding that although the car is very balanced, it is still really fun to drive.

“Congratulations Alfa Romeo!”, says Fisichella. And how can you argue with that?

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