Blue Perfection From D2FORGED – Lamborghini Gallardo Shoot

Blue Perfection From D2FORGED – Lamborghini Gallardo Shoot

Blue Gallardos for everyone! Wheel and photography porn for everyone! That pretty much sums it up! We recently had the Blue Lamborghini Gallardo by Velos Designwerks and ADV.1 and now it’s time for the Gallardo by D2FORGED to show what its got! And oh boy does it got something to show!

With D2FORGED being one of the companies that pays extra attention to their long time customers, it was no wonder we are seeing regular check ups and brand new shoots from projects done earlier on a regular basis. With many of their customers getting different finishes on their wheels from time to time, it is great to see a wheel company paying that much attention to somebody that they already sold wheels.

Why? We often hear about businesses not paying close attention to their customers the minute the sale goes through. I see personally these guys as someone who aren’t nearly in that ballpark regarding user experience. Regular check-ups and inquiries about their products and customer opinions lead to a very satisfied customer in the end.

That’s why we are happy that our supporters continue to do so, since we get a chance from time to time, to revisit some old projects and get a brand new, freshly out of the camera, sick photoshoots like this one here!

This beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo is rolling on a set of D2FORGED VS6 wheels, gorgeously portrayed in the beauty this color finish, which being rare enough, proves to attract anyone to it the moment they see it. Emphasizing the overall package, this photoshoot will provide more than a few wallpaper worthy images for any D2FORGED and Lamborghini fans out there!

Wheels installed on this setup are, as said earlier, D2FORGED VS6 sized 20 inches. This translates into 20×9 inches at the front and large 20×12 inches setup in the back. Color finish is once again done to the customers’ requests, with a configuration of gloss black center, gloss black lip and hand painted D2 centercap logos dominating the scheme.

Blue Perfection From D2FORGED – Lamborghini Gallardo Shoot


Blue Perfection From D2FORGED – Lamborghini Gallardo Shoot

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